Our solution

Flat foot treated with games

We propose to create a tool that eases the task of the therapist and the parents.

If the children loves the activity, better results can be achieved in shorter time. The therapist can focus on the efficiency of the exercises, instead of motivating the child. Better results lead to more clients and improved satisfaction.

If the tool is simple and straightforward, it can be used at home. Because exercising at home has no match. This means more exercise, and, again, faster results.

Our system is based on an armband – in this case rather a leg-band – placed on the child’s lower leg. The embedded sensors detect the muscle activity and connect the exercises to game actions. Imagine a car that moves only when you are standing tiptoe. Or Super Mario who jumps when you draw your toes in.

Measuring muscle activity enables remote supervision, measurable progress and helps to eliminate cheating (yes, patients tend to cheat).